MALU Releases R&B Ballad Titled ‘No Hearts’

Danish singer/songwriter with Corsican roots, MALU, is back with the follow-up of her debut single “Polish”. This time she has delivered us an R&B ballad which is entitled “No Hearts”.

The single is talking about being in the moment in the company of a person that you care about. About her new single, MALU talked a little bit of her idea for this song: “I often run on autopilot, thinking about what happened yesterday and what is going to happen tomorrow. Sometimes it feels like the past and the future takes up so much space in my mind that there’s no room for the present.

In a time where everything is about going somewhere, ‘No Hearts’ is about letting yourself stay present, not overthinking anything and being in the moment with another person – even just for a short while.

“No Hearts” is a soft ballad that could be perfect for a summer drive. With slow moments and some stronger ones, you are sure to get dragged into the melody and might want to sing along.

MALU has created her own universe with a mix of pop melodies, soulful tunes as well as R&B sensations. She sings her feelings in her songs, sharing moments of her identity crisis, some dreams stories, heartaches and insecurities. She has a balance between contemporariness and nostalgia.

Today, her project is also a showdown with her perfectionism as well as her expectations. The music can allow her to be the person she wants to be and to express how she is feeling about herself. MALU shares: “I was really busy living up to the idea of who I was supposed to be, that I forgot to ask myself what I was really dreaming about – I was just breathing to reach the next landmark in my own race.

One day I woke up and couldn’t recognize myself, and I knew that something had to change. Through music I become spontaneous. Here, I can flirt with my identity crisis, set my own boundaries, make fun of my own perfectionistic ego and sing myself to become who I want to be.

MALU will be present this summer at the Carpark Festival.

Listen to MALU’s second single, “No Hearts”, here:


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