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“It cannot be brought to me. There is no delivery. It won’t be brought to me” are the opening words of Hello Satellites‘ latest single. Undulating between pop, folk, and neoclassical, the young Indie group, leads by Eva Popov, tilts the balance of musical genres and crosses many areas of the musical landscape.


“No Delivery” is a dive into the addictive power of screens, our addiction to them, and leads us to look beyond that, on a dancing rhythm. Recorded with long-time collaborator Nick Huggins, the single combines the sound of horns, announcing rapid awakenings, and self-help mantras before moving into a dancing rhythm you can’t help but be seduced by.


Featuring Heath Robertson on drums and Flora Carbo on saxophone, this self-produced disco confessional is the second release of Hello Satellites’ fourth album, There Is A Field which follows last year’s lunatic folk tale Thief.


Eva Popov concerning this song said it’s a “2.38-minute electronic pop experiment about being addicted to my phone, dopamine hits and magical thinking. I have watched other people do amazing things and live amazing lives whilst I waited for some sort of love hit to come through the screen and solve everything.”


She also added “This song was written as a guitar song to remind me that nothing was going to be given to me and that I was just going to have to go out into the world and do stuff as my own imperfect self and fail and feel things. I had a lot of fun remaking this song as an obnoxious disco track.”


Hello Satellites’ next album, There Is A Field is scheduled for release this fall. Created during the singer’s isolation in Melbourne, it explores broad moments of expansion hidden in the depths of Popov’s home and mind.


Listen to “No Delivery” below:




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