Australian Singer Matt Landi Unveils New Indie Single ‘Back to Earth’ | Music News


On July 24, Singer, songwriter, saxophonist and record producer Matt Landi has revealed his new indie power ballad titled “Back to Earth“ inspired by Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar. The song tells the story of a heart-broken astronaut in space and his strong wish to return back to earth.


Young artist Matt Landi, based in Sydney, wants to find his way into the international music scene with his imaginative songwriting style. Last year he performed at several events and released five new singles. Furthermore, he sang a duet with H3rizon singer, Bernadette Marquez for Disaster Art and his music has been featured on radio stations.


“Back to Earth” is to serve as the second single of his upcoming EP Elements, which will included six songs and will be available in September this year. The whole EP deals with the the comprehensive topic of “life”. Matt’s clear voice really stands out in “Back to Earth” and perfectly matches with the soulful saxophone solo soars.


The desire of the heart-broken astronaut expresses through the constantly increasing sound of piano, vocals, synths – and of course the saxophone. “Back to Earth“ re-raise the “life” concept of the EP, because even in the darkest of spaces – there is still life that we can get back to. Listen to “Back to Earth” below.




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