Bedstudy – Ø (Arms Away) | Music Video

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Bedstudy – Ø (Arms Away) | Music Video


The story starts with Peter Baldwin from Alaska and David Plakon from Florida meeting in Orlando. Five years later, they met again in Bed-stuy, the neighbourhood in Brooklyn, and that was the time for project Bedstudy to be born.


The duo say, this collaboration stands for three main things: diversity, sexuality and musicality. Their newest single “Ø (Arms Away)” was affected by shooting in one of the Orlando’s gay nightclubs. The violence against genderqueer, transgender individuals, especially amongst people of color, is also a center theme of the brand new video for this track.


The cinematic visuals were directed by Moses Moreno. It’s emotional and touching. The dramaturgy is synchronized with the composition of the track – the most powerful chorus is also the climax of the video. “I don’t wanna end up alone,” – this line stays in your head even after the song finishes and gives you some food for thought.


Watch the video for the slow-burning electro R&B track from Bedstudy:




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