Blood Command Announce New Vocalist And Release First Single ‘A Villain’s Monologue’ | Music News


It is the beginning of a new era for the Norwegian deathpop icons Blood Command who have just announced their new vocalist to be the former Pagan singer, Nikki Brumen.


To celebrate the beginning of this new chapter, the band has released a new single entitled “A Villain’s Monologue” and it has arrived with its music video as well. Blood Command’s mastermind and guitarist Yngve Andersen is describing this new era as something “tougher, tighter and more melodic than ever before.


About Brumen’s recruitment, Andersen shared: “I remember the first time someone showed me Nikki’s old band Pagan and all I was thinking about was why isn’t this girl fronting Blood Command? It was a match made in heaven. That she is in the band now is almost unreal to me. It’s a dream come true.


Aikki Brumen is also happy that she was asked to join the band, she said: “I feel so privileged to have been given the opportunity to front a band that I love and that I feel such connection with. I will sing every note from my heart, I will scream every word from my gut, I will write every lyric from my soul together with the band and I will never let you down. We are all in this together now.


The single “A Villian’s Monologue” was dropped with the announcement and it is perfectly demonstrating how Nikki’s vocals are the best match with Blood Command. The song is a perfect mix of a melodic song in which the band added heavy riffs and screams.


Yngne explained that he wrote the song in response to a person who was projecting their insecurities onto him. He supported that person and wanted the best for him but with time he realized that the support wasn’t reciprocated.


Later he showed the lyrics to Nikki Brumen who experienced the same situation and they “both knew this was the perfect introduction to the rebirth of Blood Command.


Watch Blood Command’s video for their new single “A Villain’s Monologue” here:




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