Cardi B Becomes First Woman Rapper To Get A Certified Diamond Single | Music News


It’s official! Cardi B has become the first woman rapper in history to achieve a diamond single.


The news was announced by the Recording Industry Association of America on Twitter with the message “Congratulations to @iamcardib, the first female rapper to achieve a RIAA single award! #BodakYellow @AtlanticRecords”.


This means that her single “Bodak Yellow” has gone 10-times platinum and sold 10 million units. This is a first in RIAA history for a female rapper.


Brooklyn Johnny, a long-time collaborator of Cardi B, also shared a video on his Instagram account, where we can see the rapper receiving her Diamond single. We see her very shocked by the news but above all, filled with happiness!


Cardi B continues to break all records, even as her single “WAP” has also been certified 5-times platinum.


With the rap star currently rehearsing for her Grammy Award performance, Cardi B took to Twitter to share how she received her diamond plaque, “I’ve been rehearsing all day today, I’m really stressed out, my body’s aching. At rehearsal, they said to me, ‘Yo, you gotta meet up with Atlantic execs’ I’m like, ‘Yo I’m f*cking tired like I don’t wanna talk about no GRAMMYs, I don’t wanna talk about no album, I’m just tired.


Then I still got drove to a restaurant. I’m like, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? I’m trying to go home, see Offset, fuck him. Ah!’ Then I’m here and I just got this crazy surprise. And I think you guys are gonna find out tomorrow and I just want to say: Thank you guys so much because without you guys this wouldn’t happen”.


Congratulations to Cardi B and her entire team for the achievement!



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