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Black Keys member Dan Auerbach is creating the soundtrack for an indie comic book intitled Murder Ballads.


The book, which will be published in autumn 2016 via Z2 Comics, follows the journey of record label owner Nate Theodore, and had been described by its publisher as a “rock’n’roll noir story about the music industry and redemption.”


It will be written by  Gabe Soria, music journalist and comics writer, and illustrated by Paul Reinwand. Auerbach, who will work with musicians such as Mick Collins, said that the soundtrack will be “”shorter than a double LP and longer than eight minutes.”


“The music that he was talking about seemed—well, I could wrap my mind around it. He knew I was really big into northern Mississippi music, so I understood the reference points when he was talking to me about it,” he continued, before adding that he will not read the comic book while listening to the soundtrack, saying: “I can’t personally listen to music that has lyrics and read at the same time. That’s like doing two yo-yos at once. Absolute insanity. So I know how I’m gonna enjoy it: I’ll do them separately, but they’ll be connected in my mind”.



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