David Gest Names UK Tour After THAT ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Misunderstanding | Music News

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It’s the ‘misunderstanding’ of the century…so far: Tiffany Pollard’s outpouring of grief over the mistaken demise of fellow Celebrity Big Brother house-mate David Gest, after Angie Bowie confides in her that “David’s dead”. Of course, Angie meant her ex-husband David Bowie; but with David Gest unwell and bed-bound at the time, I can see where Tiffany was coming from.


Now, in an interview on January 25 with Rylan Clark-Neal on Bit On The Side, Gest recalls the moment when it all kicked off, with Darren Day throwing back his duvet and asking “Are you dead?”. Mustering all the good humour that he could, Gest replied “Not that I know of”.


Showing what a good sport, Gest, a very well-respected music producer, is, he has even worked the misunderstanding into the title of his new soul tour, which he says is called David Gest Is Not Dead, But Alive with Soul.



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