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Annie DiRusso is young but sings with an unexpected self-confidence about her feelings, using her sounds as a tool to recover from an authentic sense of sadness. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter debuted in the indie rock world in March of 2017 with the single “Blue Walls” followed by her second single “Gone” in August. These singles gave her the opportunity to spread her fame on the National College Radio Charts.


While studying songwriting at Belmont University, she has played her music on the main stages of the greater Nashville area. Annie’s voice sings with a happy melancholy that seems to betray her true feelings, like the sadness that led her to write her new song “Dead Dogs” to cure the pain caused by the loss of her dog Bella.


As she said about the song, “Since losing her, I often find myself talking to the sky in hopes that she can hear me“. And she continued, “This song details the existential crisis that has ensued“. The powerful sounds that she has been capable to create evocates all the purity of her memory. She is the only protagonist, as she starts to sing her voice occupies every corner, in a close sensation of empathy.


The guitars that accompany her are energetic, but at the same time they are perfectly balanced with her voice, with a final result that leads to the enhancement of her uniqueness. She has managed to transform a painful memory into a pure expression of musical art, it is certain that we will still hear about her powerful musical purity in the future.


Listen to the single below:




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