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Through its four components, everyone representing a different shape of music, the american band Dreamaway is able to blow up a dangerous mix. They are Ben Talmi, Cale Hawkins, Margaret Sohn, Kate Steinberg  and the personality of everyone of them is doing his own part to build something new within the indie rock-pop scene.


In 2019 the band debuted by launching their first offering “We Get On Somehow”, this important step made them come out into the open in Brooklyn, thanks to Greylock Records. Then, they reconfirmed their talent with the second single “American Illusion”, released just a month ago, by developing a musical style that eventually blossomed into a soft and dreamy sound.


And finally, the third single, “Back To California”, through which they spread their indie rock genius and innovation and continue to do so. A piano and a guitar sing softly together to then be reached by  a secure drums, while the main voice begins to sing with sincerity about the importance of  accepting change in one’s surroundings.


The rythmic chorus in the background underlines the meaning of the lyric  “Don’t be the one that gets away”, they are singing with whispers into the ear of the listener. The soft and melodic track embraces what may not seem, at first impact, a strong message, by invoking people to be the right change, the one that people need in a disillusioned and oppressed world


Listen to the song below:




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