Dubai Based Folk-Pop Artist Vishaal Ganesh Releases New Single ‘Hamster Wheel’

Emerging folk-pop artist and musician Vishaal Ganesh is describing his new single titled “Hamster Wheel” as the most relatable song in music history, so let us know if you agree when you listen to the track below.

Based in Dubai, Vishaal has his eyes set on taking his music to an international audience, and “Hamster Wheel” is his official third single of 2021.

As the song title suggests, “Hamster Wheel” speaks of Vishaal’s unwillingness to settle for a life less than extraordinary and his desire to break out of the typical 9-5 societal cycle of “you go to school, you go to college, you get a degree, you get a job, you retire, you disintegrate”, as he puts it.

According to the artist and musician, “Hamster Wheel” is the anthem to his emancipation from the life he could have led, while illuminating the potential of his future to follow. Giving up on society’s illusion of stability & security, Vishaal is taking the road less traveled and committing to being an artist and producer.

The song comes with thought-provoking lyricism & evocative vocals that perfectly express the “madness of the daily grind”, as Vishaal puts it. He not only wants to break the hold of social programming, he wants to inspire us to do the same.

Listen to “Hamster Wheel” below:


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