Ed Sheeran – Best Part Of Me + BLOW | New Music

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Ed Sheeran – Best Part Of Me + BLOW | New Music


British artist Ed Sheeran has released not one but two new songs from his upcoming album No.6 Collaborations Project, which comes out on July 12. Little by little, the singer/songwriter has been launching new pieces from his new work to the market and, at the moment, we have been rewarded with 5 of them plus 3 music videos of his new collaborative LP.


With the “I Don’t Care” music video, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have reached more than 165 million views on Youtube and the song is still at the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, even though it’s been only 2 months since its releasing date.


Now, the singer has brought us two new singles titled “Best Part Of Me” and “BLOW” which are practically the opposite of each other, proving his big talent and versatility when it comes to writing huge hits.


On “Best Part Of Me” with YEBBA, Ed opens up his heart again, showing his most personal and vulnerable side in a heart-breaking pop/folk ballad that brings back the X and + vibes. The blending of their voices plus Ed’s inseparable guitar create an incredible melody that sets the tone for a very melancholic but tender message.


On the other hand, “BLOW” is what happens when you bring Ed’s rough side, Bruno Mars’ swag and Chris Stapleton’s country style together. This wonderful fusion brings forth a sexy rock masterpiece that will literally ‘blow your minds’.


Listen to both new singles here:





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