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Introducing German-born Ghanaian rapper and singer Elly The 22, also known as Elly Asantewaa, with her brand new single titled “Aliens Come”. It comes on the back of the success of her last single “Birthday”, which was supported by Spotify on their ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist.


Based in New York City, Elly The 22 is a musical nexus that comes with a foundation in music, acting and modelling, with a strong ability to flow between rapping and singing, and a responsibility for talking about social issues, as is evident on her new single “Aliens Come”/


Every since a young age, Elly has been flirting with entertainment, appearing in Off Broadway theatre productions and indie films, before exploring music and modelling. As for how she came up with her name Elly The 22, she says: “We all have a unique numerical code. It includes a life path number that can help figure out your life purpose. Mine is 22, the Builder. It fits“.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Elly 22 says, “The world’s been looking like its ending from my rooftop. To me, it seems that the entire world is now a third world country unless we unite as one. Soulfully jabbing at government and religion, I decide to hit the streets banking on LOVE, on a mission to find that destined person that I’m supposed to be with, when the aliens come“.


Listen to “Aliens Come” below:




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