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Latin pop band Habla De Mi En Presente released their single “Urele”, a beautiful technorumba sound on March 22, along with an accompanying music video!


The band was founded when in 2012 Pau Balaguer i Banyó left his hometown of Barcelona to move to Berlin. He then met Max Grosse Majench, who liked his way of playing the guitar, the rumba.


They were then joined by German philosophy student Jonathan Hamann and French violinist Rémi Pradère, and recently, by their new bassist Blai Juanet Sanagustin.


In 2019, the group decided to focus more on the techno side of their rumba. So they teamed up with the Catalan producer and mixer Genís Trani Nadal, and recorded with him “Todo Bien”, more poppy, “Estrella”, with more cumbia influences and “Urele”, which best represents the techno side of their rumba.


“Urele” is a rumba on guitar and cajon, led by a regular and monotonous rhythm that gives the techno side. As for the lyrics, they are simple and talk about the time. The chorus is a repetition of the word “Urele”. The band leaves it up to each listener to interpret the meaning they want.


The video for the single was shot in Mallorca by German film students. They were inspired by the French film “L’argent” by Robert Bresson.


Watch the video for “Urele” here:




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