HANHAN And M.Demian Release Their First Collaborative Single ‘Closer’ | Music News


The single “Closer” marks the first collaboration between the two artists HANHAN and m.demian. It is a catchy song with chill electro vibes, perfect to listen to during an aperitif with friends on a mild summer evening.


Although the lyrics speak of the desire to be with someone, “ I just wanna get you closer / But you don’t, you don’t / Feel like I’m being older / And I know you’ve been waiting / To get a little closer / But I won’t, I won’t / I won’t be coming over / I been outta my mind / Can’t wait no more”, the pop song-like rhythm will make you instantly cheerful.


Both artists are based in Utrecht in the Netherlands, their country of birth. As a drummer, HANHAN is constantly looking for new melodies, pushing him to experiment with new configurations. For “Closer”, he started by creating very soft rhythms that later turned into something more pop.


He is also a music producer, which allows him to introduce his drumming experiences into the world of electronic pop music.


As for M. demian, he is a music producer but also a writer and a pianist and guitarist. His inspiration comes from soulful and electronic music, which is also found in Closer.


Listen to their “Closer” collaboration below:




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