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Hayley Reardon has an amazing voice! Her new single “Where I Know You” is testament to that fact. Serving as the title track and lead single for her new EP of the same name, the track is backed only by a simple guitar backdrop, over which Hayley sings beautifully about knowing yourself a bit more through knowing someone else, or something like that. The thing about song lyrics – they mean many different things to many different people.


However, it’s not the lyrics that sell me on this track, it’s Hayley’s voice, it’s really out of this world. She is currently on a 4-week tour in Europe, and will be heading on a US tour by the end of March, so if you’re about and are able to, you should definitely go and check her out live. Tickets and more information about that are here, and you should also consider the rest of the EP here.


Speaking about how the track came about, Hayley says, “I wrote this song after an emotional and eventful road trip from Nashville to somewhere in Kentucky. It’s a little ode to those fleeting moments of clarity in which living and loving and relating to people feels so simple and pure — where we see and feel the whole of someone & it somehow brings us closer to ourselves“.




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