Indie Band Rowan Release New Single ‘Big Wave’ | Music News


The three-piece band Rowan have unveiled their new single “Big Wave”, delivering another fresh track after their recent releases “Finish Line” and “Before”, paving their way towards what sounds to be a great year for them.


Rowan are multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Dylan Howe, with Fionn Hennessy-Hayes on drums and Kevin Herron on guitar. They have worked as single musicians with artists like Toucan, Tiz McNamara and Ariel Posen among others, but now they are focusing on their mutual band project.


It sounds like the three artists have been blending together amazingly so far. Their music works are a mix of indie and folk beats that make the listeners comfortable, leading them to a familiar and cozy place where their harmonious melodies meet with meaningful lyrics and intense vocals.


Big Wave” features a driving rhythm and engaging instrumentation as it reflects about how overwhelmed young people can feel in a world where everything seems to be falling apart. Rowan’s single doesn’t provide any solution but aims to lighten people’s minds when bad news become a too heavy burden to deal with.


About the emerging indie band, the Irish Independent stated: “Rowan’s sound will climb into your brain and dig deep in”. Therefore, make some space in your mind before you listen to their vibrating “Big Wave”!


Listen to it here:




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