J. Cole Releases ‘Applying Pressure: The Off-Season’ Documentary | Music News


J.Cole has released the new documentary titled Applying Pressure: The Off-season!


The Scott Lazer-directed film  premieres on YouTube just four days before The Off-Season drops. The 12-minute documentary explores the behind the scenes process of the making of J.Cole’s upcoming album, the long-awaited follow-up to 2018’s KOD.


The film followed the previous Cole release of a new track “i n t e r l u d e“, serving as the first glance at The Off-Season.


The film starts with Cole talking with his industry colleague 21 Savage  about his album title and approaching his career as an athlete: “One more time before I leave, before I feel like I’m fulfilled in this game, let me try to reach new heights from a skill level standpoint”, he tells 21.


Furthermore, in the documentary, J.Cole talks about fighting against the complacency brought by comfort and luxury, how becoming a father changed him, and more. Despite being quite brief, the film shares a lot of insights to the story of J.Cole and serves as a great body of inspiration for those who work on mastering their craft and pursuing their dreams!


Watch the freshly-released documentary film down below to get your daily doze of inspiration! And count down till Friday’s album drop!




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