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Today, Jorja Smith released her music video for “The One”, which featured on her 2018 album Lost & Found. The quickly up and coming artist proves once again that her smooth jazzy vocals are a force to be reckoned with, and her videos are no exception from this.


The rawness of her videos allows viewers to truly understand the meaning of her songs. For example her video last year for “Teenage Fantasy”, a song that also features on her new album, was filmed in black and white to show the simplicity of a teenage relationship, in which she suggests she used to have an old fashioned view of being with your first love forever.



She mentions “The One” in the song, and implies its use at such a young age is “just (a way) to fit in”. She continues her belief in this sort of part-two with “The One”, as she says “I don’t wanna need no one”, just for the sake of it.


The anthem is a message for all young women to be strong and independent. A relationship is not necessary to be in control, and young relationships can often be toxic if you don’t love and appreciate yourself before you love another.


She preaches to be none of the above: “Choosers, Takers (or) Begging heart Breakers”, and implies that you ought to find yourself before you become one of these (alluding to her song “February 3rd” where she is “constantly finding (her)self”).


Watch the video for “The One” here:




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