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New York based singer and producer Kent Odessa has shared the title track for his new studio album called Allies. The LP dropped on Tuesday (October 1) via the artist’s own label, Hidalgo Records.


Kent Odessa is a singer, producer, and writer/director, who moved from suburban Detroit to Brooklyn, New York. His sound is a combination of different influences ranging from 70’s/80’s R&B to Detroit techno to Brazilian Tropicalia. Odessa’s music has been released via Kitsune (Phoenix, Hot Chip), Airdrop Records and his very own label Hidalgo Records.


The latest offering from Kent Odessa differs from his previous projects, which could be described as dance-driven electropop. Both his new single “Allies” and the album of the same title lean towards a more downtempo and ambient sound.


Most of the record was penned in a small town near Northern Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In the artist’s own words, Allies explores the themes of “estranged friendships, old lives leaving this world, and new lives coming into it”.


Odessa’s self-released debut Silverdome dropped back in 2011 and featured one of the singer’s most popular tracks, “Bo Jacksons”. His other works include 2016’s Gender Studies, as well as two EPs, Physical Genius and The Divorce Rate.


Listen to “Allies” here:




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