Little Brother Reunite And Unveil New Album ‘May The Lord Watch’ | Music News


North Carolina 00’s rap group Little Brother are partially reunited, and they have given a huge surprise to their fans by releasing a new album titled May The Lord Watch.


Little Brother was a rap trio formed back in 1998 by 9th Wonder, Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh in Durham, while they were studying in the same university. They started making music in 2002, when they released their iconic debut album The Listening.


After their first LP, the band dropped three other albums and, even though they didn’t become as successful as a lot of people expected, Little Brother have been pretty influential to other rappers and hip-hop artists, including international stars Drake and J. Cole.


The group split in 2007, after former member 9th Wonder left. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh continued recording new tracks until they announced their separation in 2010. Nine years later, the duo has decided to give it another try and produce a new album together.


May The Lord Watch continues in the same vein as their previous works, keeping their usual satirical and provocative vibes throughout the album tracks. The concept of the album revolves around a controversial story about a racist TV network created to exploit black audience.


Listen to the album down below:




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