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London-based musician Seraphina Simone closes 2020 with a double single release, “Skin” and “Blue Devil”. It’s been a bumper year for the artist whose expansive indie-pop singles “Cherry <8”, “Hollywood $$$” and “O M D” have been featured in countless blogs and playlists throughout the year.


Most recently, “O M D” was picked up by Record of the Day, 1883 Magazine, Vanyaland, The Hidden Hits, Secret Meeting, The Rodeo, The Most Radicalist, When The Horn Blows, Get In Her Ears and many more who agree that Seraphina Simone is an artist of the verge of breakthrough.


“My love is made of velvet” sings Seraphina Simone on “Blue Devil”, the second song of the double single release. This imagery we see echoed in Seraphina Simone’s photograph, a rich array of velvet showing that this musician embodies her art; she and it are one and the same.


This is why this paced and minimalist 80s-dipped alt-pop track strikes us with such personal feeling; heard through the passionate-yet-resigned voice of Seraphina Simone.


Speaking about the meaning of the lyrics in “Blue Velvet”, she explains: “it’s about how depression can turn someone into a total asshole! How their emotional numbness can feel cruel, and you feel guilty at hating them for it when you know it’s not really their fault. I was so frustrated at not being able to call him out on his shit in the way I would with someone who wasn’t suffering, and felt like such a bitch for feeling that way”.


Each of Seraphina Simone’s songs have this indomitable power to look into the dark and light, the velvet and the stone. We can’t have one without the other and with the help of this artist’s repeatable tracks, the veil has been removed from our eyes.


The singer’s sound is giving Lana Del Rey and Lorde vibes, so is her songwriting. She is definitely one to keep an eye one in 2021.


Go listen to “Blue Devil” right now:




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