Oscar Oscar – HIMEJI | New Music

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Oscar Oscar – HIMEJI | New Music


In September Oscar Oscar released a successful track “See Myself“, featuring his silky vocals and now he’s back with an instrumental piece called “HIMEJI“, released via Majestic Casual Records. This Australian producer continues pleasing us with mellow electronic melodies and subtle beats in his relaxing ballads.


Himeji is a place in Japan, which the artist visited and got his inspiration from. He admits getting inspired by a little kid who he stayed with and who was playing with his toy drum. Oscar claims there was no planned structure for creating the track and it all came out of what he was feeling at the moment.


He made sure nobody forgets his name and made it double. Oscar Oscar is totally worth to be remembered, especially when you’re trying to zoom out of everyday’s worries. Keep an eye on his website here, and listen to “HIMEJI” on Soundcloud below.




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