Paramore – Rose-Colored Boy | Music Video


What would your ten-year-old self tell you if he/she saw you now? In the new video for Paramore‘s latest single “Rose-Colored Boy“, frontwoman Hayley Williams meets her younger self to realize that her life didn’t turn out as she was imagining.


Directed by Warren Fu, the video features band members as hosts of ’80s style news program Wake Up! Roseville. The show is full of happy news, puppies, sunny weather forecasts and… loads of fake smiles. Hayley’s confrontation with her childhood memories and dreams, leads to an emotional outburst – with the reference to TV presenter Bill O’Reilly‘s on-camera rage.


Just let me cry/A little bit longer/I ain’t gon smile/If I don’t want to,” sings Hayley in this single, taken from band’s recent album After Laughter, which explores the subject of hiding negative emotions under happy faces.


Listen to the catchy but bittersweet track and watch the visuals below:




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