PSY + CL – DADDY | Music Video

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PSY + CL – DADDY | Music Video



Described as better than 2012’s “Gangnam Style”, PSY takes another dip in Western mainstream culture with a music video for “DADDY”. If you want to see PSY’s head on the body of his fictional child and father, you’re in for a treat. The song features the line: “Hey, where’d you get that body from?” to which PSY replies “I got it from my daddy”.


“DADDY” is actually a take on‘s song “I Got It From My Mama”, though it’s a little more chaotic and nonsensical. Speaking of, the video reminds me of the music video for Wolfgang Gartner‘s “Forever” featuring’s head on bodies at various stages of life, including a sperm cell. Though this is weirder. See the music video for yourself below.




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