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No it’s not by ABBA, or a song from the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack. But it is definitely close enough.


Swedish hot property and icon, Robyn, is back with new music after her last effort, the Body Talk trilogy albums, arrived in 2010. Now, after 8 years of mostly occasional collaborations, the singer is ready to provide the best dance songs of the year.


Missing U“, the single anticipated with the release of a short film centred around the singer and her die-hard fans, has finally arrived.


After quite the build up from both the singer and every media outlet out there, the singer has definitely delivered. Channelling those 90s’ vibes, made up of shaking hips and shimmering clothes, the song has everything we love and like to obsess about Robyn.


Sad, daunting lyrics are accompanied by a bouncy and glimmering sound that makes you forget you should actually feel sad about what you are singing. But hey, what is music for, then, if not to embrace those feelings and turn them around?


Party-goers everywhere, put your best costume on and hit the dancefloor, because “Missing U” is sure to be played in every club and party this summer.


Apart from the fabulous treat, the single should also serve as an anticipation for an upcoming album. A lot has happened in the past 8 years, the music scene has changed, as has people’s taste.


A more ‘chill’, slow-down sound has entered the scene, making ‘effortlessly cool’ a music statement. But from the warm welcome of Robyn’s new single, there is still space and hunger for the old school dance/disco music that made cool singing about your own feelings without having to demise them.


Listen to it here:




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