‘We’re All Sheep’ Is The New Single From Low Cut High Tops | Music News


David Burns is the unique figure hiding behind his art name Low Cut High Tops. Born and raised in Seattle he has always brought with him the grunge soul that characterizes this city which gave birth to band of the calibre of Nirvana.


After dropping out from art school, he decided to dedicate himself fully to his music, establishing himself as part of the Seattle grunge scene, releasing its first album Eh,Whatever in 2016.


With the new single “We’re All Sheep” he has made his return after two years of absence. An insane dimension is evoked in this new single where his “surprisingly powerful snarling-whine” voice, as Noisey defines it, repeats itself in a laconic sound which creates the sensation of being hypnotized. His voice maintains itself in the same tone echoing the scratchy sounds of the guitars, crying from beginning to end.


Moreover, he imitates the animal call of the sheep in a strong critique to people who too much often decide to uniform themselves to masses without even thinking about that. In a veiled complaint to music industry, where it is even more difficult to find a musical creation as this one he has just made.


Listen to the song below:




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