Sami Switch – Trying To Breathe | Music Video


You don’t always have to look far afield to find talent, it’s very often right under our noses. Meet young Sami Switch, from Reading, who a few years ago, put up a spoken word piece “Ocean of Pain” on YouTube which has since racked up a mightily impressive 174,000 views. It’s how real he is that has pulled in all those views, and you’ll get that same realness in his latest release “Trying To Breathe”, taken off his upcoming new EP Solace. Sami’s not one to shy away from the truth and throughout this powerful introspective piece, with his unique way of storytelling, he reveals his sobering journey from a dark place, where he “always found a glass“, to a place where he’s now “found [his] path” and walking it resolutely. His walk along this path should be keenly watched, it will no doubt be an absorbing and compelling one.




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