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The Fall Of Troy have surprised their fans with with the release of their fifth studio album OK which is the bands first release in seven years. Their hiatus began in 2010 and the following sporadic reformation in 2013, the group have decided to release the album to their fans as a pay-what-you-want download. The band will also later release a vinyl version of the album via Big Scary Monsters (their first release with the label). You can find the link the album here.


In a statement made by the band, they say “This album represents hope; that things can be different, that the past doesn’t have to always weigh on the present. We give this album to you now for free, because we know that you deserve it. Rather than try to squeeze every penny from people who have given us opportunities beyond our wildest dreams, we wanted to give you a gift, for all the gifts you’ve given us over the years”.


As well as this, the band simultaneously announced that they will be going out on a colossal 63 date tour, starting in May and ending in September, the tour will cover Australia, USA, UK, EU and Russia. You can can find information for the tour here.



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