The Lucid Dream – Bad Texan | Music Video

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The Lucid Dream – Bad Texan | Music Video

The Lucid Dream 12.02.2016ANDREW


Carlisle’s The Lucid Dream combine wind-swept psychedelia with garage rock and Krautrock, and their new single “Bad Texan” comes out on Friday, March 11. It’s lengthy, spacey and noisy. It nearly clocks up seven minutes. It is a powerhouse of work, very muscular and it definitely takes its time to build, with the vocals only coming in almost three minutes into the track.


Not long after this, the thick guitars and keyboard rest, to let the bass breathe for a few bars. The video itself is psychedelic like the music, splitting the screen four ways and using an infrared effect to further discombobulate. It even chops up the band members as if they are playing instruments other than they really are.




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