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Canadian pop singer The Weeknd came out his latest album nearly a year ago already, on March 20, 2020, titled After Hours, driven by some of the most listened songs of the year such as “Blinding Lights”, “Save Your Tears” and “Your Eyes”.


In promotion of the album at the American Music Awards last November, the R&B singer arrived with his face fully bandaged as well as with apparent bruises all around his eyes – clearly the sort of bruises you would get after a rhinoplasty – so everybody was a bit surprised that The Weeknd arrived like that.


He came with his famous ‘After Hours’ black costume with a bright red jacket, black and white shoes 80’s style, accessorized with some black leather gloves and very big sunglasses. At almost every show or TV appearances over the past year, he came with this same outfit. Like a uniform for his own persona.


Variety recently had an interview with the singer and was lucky enough to get some answers from this mysterious persona created by The Weeknd, and after reading the interview, it’s clear to see that all the bandages were pointing to how in modern society in general, everything is about appearances.


Appearances are important in the entertainment industry, to be validated even when you have talent and that’s the reason the singer chose to wear these bandages all over his face. By doing that, the singer faced many speculations about his appearance for month, from if he had done surgery or not to why he would have surgery.


The single “Can’t Feel My Face” is also a trigger to the whole story. It started with one of his tracks “Blinding Light” were he starts to get some bandages on and then for the “In Your Eyes” music video, the bandages got worse and for the finale, the music video for “Save Your Tears” is where the singer gets a whole new face.


The R&B singer is trying to tell the entertainment industry that nothing should be about appearances because even with a different face or a face that doesn’t please everybody, records can be made like The Weeknd did with his album, which stayed at the top of several Billboard Charts throughout the year.



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