Welsh Singer Greta Isaac Releases New Track ‘How To Be A Woman’ | Music News


Young and talented Welsh singer Greta Isaac has just dropped a brand new relatable song titled “How To Be A Woman” taken from her recently released EP Pessimist via Made Records. The song is one of the lead tracks on the EP.


Starting off in a very angelic way, the song then quickly picks up with Greta’s voice, over some electronic sounds and a modern rhythm. The chorus has a very pop vibe to it, topped off by the strong music and lyrics.


“How To Be A Woman” explains how women feel, how to live with all the difficulties and challenges being a woman can give you. Greta explains that there is a sense of humor indirectly in that song, even if the topic is quite straightforward. We can feel and understand that women are seen as objects in society and that is a problem.


So the song is really about questioning ourselves with that question: How to be a woman? Do we have a definition for it? Certainly not and that’s what Greta’s message through the song means. The single is a reflection of what Greta thinks and what this ongoing conversation in her head sounds like.


With the release of her EP on May 14, the six-track collection concludes a series of single releases, which have earned her critical acclaim. With modern subjects, mixing joy and sorrow in her music, she has shown what she is really worth.


At the heart of her songwriting is a creative tension, combined with funny lyrics that show off her personality. Greta has worked closely with writers and producers Martin Luke Brown, Matt Zara, Mark Elliot, and Phil Cook.


Listen to the track “How To Be A Woman” here!




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