Who’s The Leading Lady In PSY’s Next Music Video? | Music News

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Who’s The Leading Lady In PSY’s Next Music Video? | Music News


Korean artist PSY shook up the world in 2012 with his “Gangnam Style” single. The viral music video, which is now nearing its next milestone for 3 billion views, meant a lot of exposure and publicity for its featuring actress, 4minute’s Hyuna.


Since then, the leading lady for PSY’s music videos have always been a hot topic. “Gentleman” helped Brown Eyed GirlsGain promote her single “Romantic Spring”, which peaked in the top five on Korean music charts.

His 2015 single “Daddy” also boosted feature artist CL, who was promoting street single “Hello B***hes” for her upcoming American market debut.


PSY is expected to release his 8th studio album this May and reports say the title track’s music video is being filmed now. The leading lady will be none other than Apink’s Na-eun!


It’ll be interesting to see the different dynamics she brings to the music video, as her sweeter, girlier image contrasts greatly with the stronger images of PSY’s previous music video actresses. The budding actress and top girl group visual is reported to have already wrapped up filming for the music video in Macau.



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