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Are you happy now? Zedd for sure is. Collecting one success after another, a host of collaborations and reaching worldwide notoriety, his latest song couldn’t be titled anything other than.


Happy Now” is the result of his magic electro-waves mixed with the delicate voice of beautiful US singer and songwriter Elley Duhé, who maybe will gain much more deserved popularity after this track with the Russia-born DJ.


“Happy Now” comes out with an accompanying lyric video that’s very relaxing and pleasant, where Duné dances after waking up in the sunlight, and she’s alone in bright rooms where a party took place presumably the night before.


The young duo previously debuted the single live at the Zedd in the Park Festival in Los Angeles this month. For the occasion, Elley commented her gratitude for the opportunity to work with such a talented DJ, which may give her the opportunity to rise and shine in the music scene.


Zedd finds himself at a very busy moment of his career. His previous hit “The Middle” featuring Maren Morris and Grey, spent 23 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, and he is currently on his on tour in Europe.


He was also one of the performers for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in his Moscow hometown and last weekend actually headlined the Budweiser’s Bud Club there.


Now listen to the new single below and feel happy!




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