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Conversations About Her

John Ridley To Write & Direct Superhero Movie ‘The American Way’ | Film News

  The recent success of superhero movies that have thought outside the box – the subversion of Deadpool, the politics of Black Panther – might have started a trend towards interesting, more unusual superhero stories getting adapted for the big screen.   That seems to be the case regarding the news that 12 Years A Slave writer John Ridley has[…]

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James Gray To Adapt Spy Thriller ‘I Am Pilgrim’ | Film News

  Director James Gray (The Lost City Of Z, The Immigrant) has just recently wrapped up filming on Ad Astra, a sci-fi film starring Brad Pitt, but he’s quickly moving on to his next project. He’s turning his attention to an adaptation of spy thriller I Am Pilgrim for MGM.   The novel is a part of an espionage trilogy[…]

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First Look At ‘Hotel Artemis’ Reveals A Stunning Cast | Film Trailer

  Jodie Foster has spent the last few years behind the camera. One of her last projects being the episode Arkangel from the TV series Black Mirror. Now she comes back in front of the camera for the star-studded thriller Hotel Artemis.   The film takes place in 2028 LA. The city is torn by riots and in-between it all[…]

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Blindness Doesn’t Protect Natalie Dormer ‘In Darkness’ | Film Trailer

  Normally you would think that being blind protects you in some way. Especially when you’ve witnessed a murder, how would you identify the killer? The upcoming thriller In Darkness shows the audience that even that can’t save you when the killers have the feeling that you know too much about the killing.   The British film introduces the audience[…]

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‘Fury Road’ Sequels In Doubt As George Miller & Warner Bros Battle In Court | Film News

  2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road was met with incredible success, arguably the holy trifecta in Hollywood: box office success, critical acclaim, and eventually picking up multiple Academy Awards. What made it even more impressive was the development hell that preceded it, which included massive delays, weather issues and two stars that didn’t get along.   The success of Fury[…]

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