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With Youngblood topping every album chart all over the world, the Australian band, who got their very first start thanks to One Direction, has finally achieved what they had set themselves to be.


5 Seconds Of Summer, with their luscious locks and billowing shirts, are ready to be taken seriously. Fresh off their just released album, and with the titular single “Youngblood” overly played on every radio station, the road to heaven is already paved for these guys.


Valentine“, a smart and bouncy pop song, with cheeky lines and a tell-it-all title that should make even the most cynical of us swoon, is the latest offering from the band.


They also just released an official audio-video for it, where four spooky skeletons nod their head to the rhythm of the song. How they grow up so fast! It seemed like only yesterday that they were singing about American Apparel underwear, boosting the sales of the aforementioned clothing brand.


But after a two years hiatus, 5 Seconds Of Summer have come back with a more mature sound. Still maintaining their rock undertone, the band has hopped on the synth-pop wagon and updated their repertoire.


The move has revealed itself to be a blingy one for the band, as their fast selling album has outsold even The CartersEverything Is Love. With their catchy new sound and laid back image, 5 Seconds Of Summer are finally ready to make history.


Listen to the “Valentine” here:




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