Austero Releases New Single ‘Let’s Get Started’ Featuring Arowe | Music News


Mexico-born Australian-based producer Austero has just released his single “Let’s Get Started” featuring artist Arowe on April 9, 2020! This single will be the first of his upcoming album Abismo. It was made with the studio Westwood Recordings. 


The artist, often on tour around the world, has always been faced with new and different cultures, and this can be felt in his music. He is a DJ in one of the biggest clubs in Mexico, and can make the whole world dance. In his music, he likes to put his live guitar recognizable among many on hip-hop jams and hybrid breaks.


He has performed in festivals all over the world such as in the United States, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica, and he’s also toured with some great artists.


The song “Let’s Get Started” was made featuring Arowe, who lays his sweet voice on Austero’s instrumental. This sound is about starting from scratch, making a fresh start and reinventing yourself. It was important for Austero and Arowe to make a sound that inspires and touches them, but also inspires their listeners.


In these hard times, this song is what we all needed. It allows us to escape from the walls of our room for a few minutes and carries us from the first notes.


Listen to it here:




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