Following the release of the funk and electronic track “TTYDTM”, Melbourne band Big Words are back with a new single titled “Cicada”. With over seven million streams on Spotify since their debut EP Hollywood, a Beautiful Coincidence, Big Words now delight their fan with a new Hip-Hop and R&B song, inspired by Young Thug, Gambino and N.E.R.D..


As the australian band has recently stated, “This song is about being a loser but also realizing that’s your greatest strength. Fear of failure is something we all feel. This song is about letting that go and being your unapologetic self”.


“Cicada” features a catchy beat, ignorantly blissful lyrics and neo-soul, hip-hop, and electronica elements. Familiar chirps of cicadas can be heard throughout the song, conveying springtime energy and representing a relaxing background behind the band’s experiments with fresh, woozy sounds.


Big Words are known for blending visuals and performance art together with their music, making their concerts as one of the best live shows in Australia. An example is the band’s sold-out show at Melbourne’s 170 Russell, where the group also performed a special 17 minute edition of the track “TTYDTM”.


We are looking forward for new concerts dates to be unveiled, in the meantime listen to “Cicada” below:




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