British Trio Rayowa Share Debut Single 'Better Man' | Music News - Conversations About Her

British Trio Rayowa Share Debut Single ‘Better Man’ | Music News

Conversations About Her

British Trio Rayowa Share Debut Single ‘Better Man’ | Music News


Following their first London show, emerging Indie-rock trio Rayowa have released their debut single called “Better Man”. The anthemic track is a nod to disco legends.


Comprised of brothers Dan, Reece and Luke, British three-piece Rayowa do not hesitate to mix different styles and genres in their music. Led by bright high-pitched vocals and ringing guitars, their songs bring to mind the greatest hits from the golden times of disco.


Rayowa unveiled their debut release “Better Man”on November 6 through Mahogany. The premiere was preceded by the group’s recent performance at Moth Club on October 29. The trio played their first ever London show with an eight-piece band.


Their latest offering contrasts disco-infused, shimmering instrumentation with unexpectedly serious lyrics. The track touched upon such topics as coming to terms with change and recovering from negative experiences.


“’Better Man’ is about being faced with a situation that you have no control over”, the band say. “It’s about the fear of change and being forced to take the positives from a bad time which allows you to grow and become a better person.


“This song holds a special place in our hearts for many reasons and we hope you can find the same comfort in it as we do!”, they add.


Listen to “Better Man” here:




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