Jacob Banks – In The Name Of Love | New Music


British soulful crooner Jacob Banks shares his amazing vocals with the world once again on the emphatic new song “In The Name Of Love“, which will come off the original soundtrack for upcoming film The Equalizer 2 starring Denzel Washington.


You’re bound to fall in love with this one from the moment Banks starts to sing. In a similar vein to one of his older smash hits “Monster“, it has uplifting, rousing elements to it with the choral voices and claps but with the lingering piano in the background and Jacob Bank’s unmistakable powerhouse vocals, there’s that added touch of soul.


The film’s director, Antoine Fuqua, emphasised the emotional depth of Banks’ songwriting fits in with the action on screen. “‘In the Name of Love‘ has a beautiful and important message about love that reflects exactly what our world needs to hear today,” he says. “The lyrics cut deep and Jacob’s vocals are unmatched…”


Banks went on to say: “I’m proud to play my part in telling this story and to work with such great minds.” The Equalizer 2 hits US theaters on July 20 before reaching UK shores in August.




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