Detroit-based artist Ladysse (real name Stephanie Lauren) has recently unveiled a new music video for her new track “Kill Your Dreams For The Money”.


Ladysse is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, who has always tried to write music that sounds like her personality – outgoing, cheerful, and maybe a bit weird. The artist unloads a mesmeric range of artistic inspirations, from St. Vincent to Charli XCX and Metric.


“Kill Your Dreams For The Money” is a song with pop and alternative influences. It features a catchy bass line, present across all the track, and rock guitar licks, which mainly concentrate at the end of the song. The track is about the cost of the sacrifices we make for success and each other.


Through her distorted voice, the singer wonders: “Can I lose my mind to find one, will I ever let this be done. Will I love who I become If I kill my dreams to please someone? Kill your dreams for the money, All we want is the money”.


The atmospheric music video features the singer behind the wheel and surrounded by a red background. After the guitarist appears next to the singer in the car, the clip ends with the band performing the track in a red studio. Watch the music video below:




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