Mauvey Releases ‘We Had The Time Of Our Lives Together’ Featuring Lights

Rising alt-pop artist and composer Mauvey, who was born in Ghana, and raised in Vancouver, Canada, filters his distinctive mix of alternative music and different musical genres while always delivering his message of love.

According to Mauvey, “My message will always be love” and he has created his projects to spread love through the imaginative storylines of deliberate songwriting, clever melody, and mesmerising beat.
His goal is to spread love, not simply musical lyrics.

Newly, electro-pop juggernaut Lights (known for singles “Ice“, “Second Go“, and “Toes“, which have charted in the Canadian Hot 100) have joined forces with Mauvey for a new single titled “WE HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES TOGETHER“.

This song is taken from Mauvey’s upcoming EP BEFORE THE ALBUM II: a brief overview, which is scheduled to be released via 604 Records in the latter half of 2023.

When asked how the partnership with Lights came about, he says, “‘Like many others, I have been a fan of Lights for years. I watched her perform three times in the Summer of 2022. It took a while, but I finally plucked up the courage to say hello.

A couple weeks later, I wrote a song that I thought Lights would be perfect for. To my absolute shock, she loved it. A couple weeks after that, right before Lights’ European tour, she sent me her stunning verse and the rest is history. I mean I’m still freaking out to have a song release with Lights, I expect I always will be.

The artists gave their best, and we hear it. One can hear many inspirations in this collaboration such as alternative music, hip-hop or 80’s synth-wave or this typical guitar from the golden age of rock.

Mauvey and Lights transport us through the times, while giving us a lot of love and peace through their songwriting. We hope to see a collaboration of the two artists very soon.

Listen to the single below:


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