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Salute Music Makers are looking for new unsigned talents to break a music industry that, as many will agree, has become monotonous, repetitive and static.


Through a new and innovative platform, Salute have created a competition to help in their endeavour to find new independent talent with the winning recipient receiving £50,000 for first prize. The other five shortlisted talents of the competition will also receive a £10,000 cash prize.


Not only this, but the winning talent will also earn themselves a place as one of four shortlisted nominees and the coveted Best Songwriter category at the Unsigned Music Awards.


Watch the promo for the competition below:



To separate the bedroom artists from true songwriters, the competition will be broken down into a number of phases. The first phase begins with music makers initially uploading their music to the Salute website. The bests songs will then be narrowed down to the top 100 by a panel of expert curators, before the public will vote for the top 6 where the winner will be announced at the live shows.


This is a very special and groundbreaking opportunity that sees the two pioneering enterprises collaborating on a project that is passionate about re-invigorating an industry that has neglected real and untapped, grassroots, music-making talent, so both sides will ardently support one another and these new talents at every step in order to empower the next generation.


CEO of UMA, Simon O’Kelly notes: ‘The Unsigned Music Awards exist to champion the biggest artists of tomorrow who are either unsigned, self-signed or otherwise-emerging and who are on the verge of breakingWith Salute on the hunt for the next big songwriter, it makes perfect sense for us to recognise the winner of this competition as an Unsigned Music Awards shortlist nominee, and to extend our support to artists surfaced by such a great initiative.’


Feargal Sharkey, former Undertones frontman and face of Salute also commented: ‘We are absolutely delighted to announce our new partnership with the UMA. Yet again, Salute Music Makers has proved the power and significance of the songwriter. Once again we have proved that songwriters are poised to take a centre stage. They deserve all of our support and all of the applause we can muster to ensure they make the most of that opportunity.


This is truly a one of  a kind competition that celebrates a new era of musicians able to create music anytime and anywhere. A competition that showcases the boundless nature of music making this is a great opportunity for authentic, organic and emerging talents to bring themselves into attention.


If you think you could be the new force that Salute and UMA are looking for then start creating and get your entries in soon by July 14.


For more information on Salute Music Makers and the competition, check out:



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