US Rapper Duhon Release New Single ‘No Sweet Talk’ | Music News


US rapper Duhon begins the year 2021 by releasing a new single that is worthy of the greatest nightclubs. With a catchy rhythm and only two minutes long, “No Sweet Talk” is of astonishing quality and richness.


For his new single, Duhon takes his inspiration from the song “The Woo” by the late rapper Pop Smoke as well as his own song “Enjoy Yourself”.


Last year, the rapper and singer released “Terror Dome”, which offered a vibrant sounds and a sincerity that could be found across the melody, lyrics and music. Not only had Duhon moved in a more humble and honest direction, but the level of his skills had improved significantly to the point where you had no choice but to notice.


Unleashing what is sure to be another successful track, his last song “Why Me?” explores deeper into his personal thoughts and emotions than Duhon had ventured before with powerful imagery, but his massive hooks still make it fitting for the club dance floor.


The American rapper recently completed work on a new single titled “System of The Scheme. This will features a distinctive vocal delivery that pays homage to artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Rakim, among others.


While we wait for the warmth and ambiance of the nightclubs, we can enjoy his brand new track “No Sweet Talk” at home.




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