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The Best Street Style Looks From London Fashion Week 2017 | Fashion News

  London Fashion Week is here which means that it is time to see a lot of great masterpieces of diverse design collections and selections. A range of designers have put up fantastic showrooms and collections that may inspire a lot of people to combine their old clothes to create something chic again.   A lot of the collections that[…]

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Pink Is Alive Once Again For London Fashion Week | Fashion News

  During London Fashion Week, a lot of designers included the beautiful and loving pink colour in their fashion line. The colour even gave those dresses more power and energy in the look. A look of a completeness and a sign of wanting to be noticed.   The millennial-pink colour may have been inspired by the very famous pop and[…]

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90’s Fashion Takes Over London Fashion Week | Fashion News

  The 90s has been prominent through many designs and styles put forth onto the pristine runways of London Fashion Week and it seems Burberry are back with more trends to take over Fall. Now they have reintroduced their flap caps back with the autumn style for men, as well as women. Fashion week saw them bring back their iconic[…]

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Supreme Launches New Collection With Controversial Artist Andres Serrano | Fashion News

  This Thursday, the famous brand Supreme will launch a new collection with the collaboration of Andres Serrano.   Andres Serrano is an American photographer born in New York and very famous for his controversial art. Because he was raised as strict Roman Catholic, we can see how he uses his works to challenge and show his interpretation of religion.[…]

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Christopher Kane Brings Domestic Goddess & Fancy Crocs To London Fashion Week | Fashion News

  35-year old Scottish fashion designer Christopher Kane took to London fashion week with quite an interesting collection line. The designer presented his Spring/Summer 2018 collection as a suitable wear for women around the kitchen.   Additionally he also presented his models in the iconic Swiftwater Crocs Sandals, which added an extra touch of glitter and fancy appearance. The sandals[…]

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