Yvonne McDonnell Exclusively Streams Her New EP ‘Not Her Own’ | Music News

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Yvonne McDonnell Exclusively Streams Her New EP ‘Not Her Own’ | Music News



Yvonne McDonnell is an East London Native who started performing acoustically back in 2012 whilst she was at university in Portsmouth. Not long after being in the live music circuit, she fell in love with performing and was later joined by violinist Maria Kroon – who also contributes heavily on her new EP Not Her Own.


Following on from Yvonne’s debut EP Endless Soul which received praise from the likes of Gigslutz and Pure M Magazine, Not Her Own will see’s a “fresh, darker exploration of British modern folk”.


The press release says of the new EP:


“Not Her Own is all about empowerment; about having the ability to positively stand up to life’s daily struggles,delivered through the effervescent beauty of Yvonne’s emotive vocals. Yvonne is not only inspired by musical influences such as Nick Cave and Joanna Newsom, but also by poets such as Alfred Lord Tennyson and Edgar Allen Poe, helping to inspire her to write the opening tracks “I’m Not This Layer Of Skin” and “The Savages”.


You can exclusively listen to the EP release below and follow music updates via Twitter here. Below find the opening track “I’m not this layer of skin”.




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