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Grímur is a singer-songwriter from a small Icelandic town named Hólmavík.


It all began with a lie, when his college needed an act to feature on national television. he said he had a song, he hadn’t even written. So, in one week, he wrote his first song and then performed it for national television. Since then, he has always announced new tracks which haven’t been created yet.


While he’s creating new songs, he is also studying to become a clinical psychologist. Maybe he would recommend his patients to listen to his music as a way of relaxation.


The 29 years-old singer released his debut album B.V.O.Y, earlier this year. He also released a new single titled “Close Enough” in August to some critical acclaim.


His major inspirations are the Icelandic nature and the isolation of the little cold island in the North, and recently, a happy event inspired his latest song: he’s a recent father. “Warrior” was released on October 24 and it goes straight into our heart. It’s a lovely love declaration to his new son, saying they’ll always take on everything life hits them together, like two warriors.


Let’s relieve you of your daily stress by listening to his soothing voice and catchy melody. Listen to “Warrior” here:




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