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Statues In Paris Are Wearing Masks To Draw Attention To Air Pollution | Politics

  Swedish brand and makers of anti-smog masks Airinum have initiated an interest kind of protest in Paris, which has seen several statues in Paris don masks to draw attention to air pollution.   The event has been organized on occasion of Paris Fashion Week, to put the problem of increased polluted air in cities under the limelight, and offer support[…]

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TikTok Censors Sensitive Contents For The Chinese Government | Politics

  After being critized for censuring protests in Hong Kong for political reasons, the popular video-sharing app TikTok is currently at the centre of a new political scandal. Indeed, the site’s moderation guidelines have been recently leaked, showing a cernsorship mechanism that restricts and bans sensitive information for the Chinese government.   In particular, censorship happens on two levels. Some[…]

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UK Supreme Court Declares Parliament Sunspension As Unlawful | Politics

  The UK supreme court has recently declared that the decision to prorogue Parliament was unlawful. This verdict follows Boris Johnson‘s attempt to suspend the British Parliament until the 14th of October, this way, preventing another postponement of Brexit. This decision represents another heavy defeat for the Prime Minister, who is losing on every political side.   The 11 judges[…]

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Imaan To Launch First LGBT+ Muslim Pride In London In 2020 | Politics

  The first pride dedicated to LGBT + Muslims will be launched by the well-known Imaan, a charity community founded in 1999 in London. It wants to celebrate 20 years of existence, lived by supporting LGBT Muslims through their struggles. Even after 20 years of work, the celebration of pride has never been more necessary than now. In fact the community[…]

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British Airline Thomas Cook Collapses, Leaving Hundreds Of Thousands Stranded | Politics

  After 178 years of flights all around the world and after last-minute negotiations aimed at saving the company failed, the British travel group Thomas Cook has definitely collapsed on Monday.   This failure brings chaos to the British economy and to the global air traffic. Indeed, more than 800,000 British people had future bookings and the company had 9,000[…]

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