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Iraqi Authorities Declare Curfew To Stop Ongoing Protests | Politics

  Anti-government protests have shaken Iraq and in particular its capital Baghdad since Friday. The demonstrations have followed a climax during this week-end, culminating today with the decision of the main authorities to declare the curfew to stem the clashes “until further notice“.   This is not the first outburst of protests in the country this month, as another wave[…]

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Matteo Salvini’s Coalition Demolishes Left-Wing Alliance In Umbria Elections | Politics

  The right-wing coalition, led by former Italian Prime Minister and League party leader Matteo Salvini, has recently won regional elections in Umbria, Italy, capturing an outstanding 57% of the vote. Despite the apparent marginality of such regional elections (Umbria is a small region with a population of about 900,000), these results may affect the unity of the left-wing national[…]

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Turkey Accused Of Using Threats To Deport Syrian Refugees | Politics

  Since Turkey launched its offensive in northern Syria against Kurdish groups settled in the “safe zone“, over 200,000 people have been deported there. While Turkey was leading its military operations in northeastern Syria, dozens of refugees have been illegally removed from Turkey and sent back to Syria. Now Erdoğan is on the defensive line, claiming that they have returned[…]

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Donald Trump Confirms US Withdrawal From Paris Climate Agreement | Politics

  President Donald Trump has just given his last confirmation of the intention to withdraw from the obligations of the Paris Agreement, the accord within the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change. The announcement was made at an energy conference in Pittsburg. He explained why he is pulling the US out of Paris climate accord by referring to the negative[…]

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Human Rights Violations Rise During Ongoing Protests In Chile | Politics

  A flow of protests has shaken Chile in the past few days: from a demonstration which begun due to the rise in metro prices, it has expanded itself into something bigger and more uncontrollable. Now thousands have taken to the streets over austerity and inequality.   The Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos de la República de Chile, the autonomous public law[…]

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