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First Look For The Last Season Of ‘The Originals’ Revealed | TV Trailer

  In less than a month, the last season of The Originals will hit the screens. Besides the trailer that aired at the ComicCon last year, it was pretty quiet around this season. Now The CW has given the fans a really short view on what to expect from the last season.   After the dramatic season 4 finale where[…]

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AMC Reveals First Look at New ‘Into The Badlands’ Season | TV Trailer

  WonderCon has brought the fans a highly anticipated trailer. With the season premiere one month away, AMC has now finally revealed the first look at the third season for their action-adventure Into The Badlands. The first pictures seem to put us directly back into the fight and the problems of the area of the Badlands.   In Season Three[…]

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Youtube Red Takes On The ‘Jumper’ Universe With ‘Impulse’ | TV Trailer

  Film directors often have a film that they aren’t happy with. For Doug Liman who also directed Bourne Identity it’s his 2008 film Jumper. It was based on a novel by Steven Gould and followed a young man who discovers he has the ability to teleport. Now he got his chance to make it better with the adaption of[…]

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‘The Rain’ Takes Us To A Post-Apocalyptic Scandinavia | TV Trailer

  We have seen deadly viruses spread through many things. Zombies for example. The upcoming Danish series The Rain gives us another possibility of how the world population can get infected and die: Rain. Simple as that but that doesn’t change its terrifying aspect. If you think about it: When the rain starts spreading a deadly disease who can really[…]

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George R.R. Martin Goes Horror With ‘Nightflyers’ | TV Trailer

  When you ask people from where they know George R.R. Martin they will probably answer with Game of Thrones. As this is his biggest success this isn’t really surprising but maybe this could change this year. Why? Syfy has just released the first look at another series that comes from this great mind. It is quite different to what[…]

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